Wind Energy Experiments For Kids

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Wind Energy – blueprints for a solar chimney power plant

Already hundreds of years ago was ground with wind mills the grain. Even today makes use of the power of the wind on many windy sites to use again, so as to generate electricity. The interior of modern wind turbines is a generator that produces electricity much like a bicycle dynamo, if the wind vane rotate.

Wind is caused by temperature differences and thus differences in air pressure. Warmed by the sun, air is lighter than cold air, so warm air rises and cold air sinks. Where the warm air rises in the level of a higher air pressure, where the cold air sinks into a deeper level of air pressure. To compensate for these differences, a stream of air from high pressure to low pressure is created. This creates the wind.

Special wind turbines are upwind power plants.They use not only the wind from further direct the heat from the sun. Thus, a wind power plant you can build yourself in a small format.

   For this wind energy experiment you need this: 

  • a long cardboard tube (eg the inside of a kitchen roll)
  • black paint or black colored paper
  • the aluminum shell of a tea light
  • a thumbtack
  • smooth cardboard (for example, from a carton)
  • Scissors, glue, pencil


The cardboard tube painted black and stuck to it with black paper. She later became a tower of the wind turbine.

Cuts the envelope 16, a tealight times with scissors, pressed flat and they extended the cuts to the inner ring in the candle base. Caution! Not cut too far!




This results in the impeller. Pressed easily with a pencil in the middle of a tea light pit. Caution: Do not push through! Determines the best among them an eraser. Now her from all angles, the wing slant in one direction, like a pyramid.




Then you cut 2 of each 2 cm wide strip of cardboard and glue two strips together. The cardboard is glued later across the opening of the tower. Stick the push pin from the bottom through the middle of the cardboard strip. The tip serves as a support area (support) for the pit in the impeller.Now the cardboard sticks with the needle perpendicular to the upper opening of the tower, and relies on the impeller. Maybe you have to balance the blades bend slightly downward.


Even a simple windmill is finished. It turns only when wind or e.g. by blowing. For a simple windmill and the tower would need not be painted black.
To build the wind turbine at a wind power plant, still missing inflow of warm air into the tower. The lower end of the tower is 6 times the same distance about 5 cm deep cut. Each second flap is folded or cut. The tower standing on stilts. If you now the tower is in the sun or a warm light is directed to the blades rotate, even without wind.


How wind energy experiment does it work?

The air flows through the openings at the bottom of the tower. If the black tower standing in the sun, warms the air and it rises. This air flow acts like a chimney. More and more air is pulled tight and rotates the impeller.Following the same principle work great chimney power plants with 200-meter high towers. They work best in sunny countries like Spain or Australia.

Source: Hessian Ministry of Environment, Energy, Youth, Family and Health (ed.): Solar-energy live experience, 1998.