Whirlpool Experiments For Kids

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Create a Whirlpool in a Bottle – Experiments For Kids
Following the experiments, here we try to swirl a small scale. These areeasy experiments where the materials are easy to get at home.


  • Two plastic bottles of 1 or 2 liters and covers.
  • insulating tape
  • Screwdriver or similar to hole plugs.


1) Make a hole 1 cm in each bottle cap.

2) Fill a bottle with 3 / 4 parts water

3) The empty bottle place it above the other by linking them with duct tape covers to avoid by turning out the water.

4) Let’s spin the bottle to fill it up and we will place the water falls slowly, but if we give a circular motion to the bottle top is generated swirl and the water flows faster.


By placing the bottle on top, water falls, that the low compressibility of theair inside the bottle that leaves no room below the falling water. When the swirl is generated by moving the bottle top is put in communication the air in both bottles and water bottle than the bottle easily fall lower.