Water Waves Experiments For Kids

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Water Waves Experiments For Kids

When the wind blows at sea, the waves are created.
Is this the only action that the wind has on water?

Materials needed
1 cup water


  1. Dip a finger of each hand in the water glass.
  2. Take them out and shake a finger.

What do you feel on the finger that moves?

The explanation
The finger shaking, is colder than it is quiet, and dried
Waving his finger, help water evaporate more quickly. to
transformed into vapor, liquid water needs heat from the air
and the finger. So it is cold. This is what happens to us when
we left the tub or shower, even when we dry after
a swim in the sea or river. This heat exchange is more
palpable when there is enough air.
Stirring, the air attracts the heat and allow to evaporate liquid water
is left on the skin.

The application
The meeting of the sea and the atmosphere produces waves. to
evaporate the water does not necessarily need the sun.
A very windy region of the ocean as some costs,
shows a large amount of vapor in the atmosphere,
even if the temperature is low. The wind drives the steam
as it appears.