Vitamin C Experiments For Kids

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Vitamin C Experiments for kids



Needed for vitamin c experiment:
Corn starch (cornstarch)

  • water
  • iodine
  • orange juice
  • a source of heat (cooking)
  • containers

  Do This:
Mix one teaspoon of cornstarch with a cup of water
Boil, part of the starch will dissolve
Put 10 drops of this mixture and tincture of iodine in a half glass of water
add an item containing vitamin C as orange juice, drop by drop until thecolor disappears
Try it with fresh orange juice, then taste with juice that has been boiled for 5 minutes, to tell the difference

Vitamin C Experiments for kids – Why?
The starch and free iodine unite to form a substance of unknown composition called iodine-starch. The soft blue color or addingdsaparece heating a sufficient amount of fruit juice containing vitamin C.

Cooking destroys some of his citrus vitamin C