Sun Experiments For Kids

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Sun Experiments For Kids – The height of trees

For nearly 2620 years, the Greek mathematician Thales visited the Egyptians and helped them to measure the height of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.
How did he do?

Materials needed for this sun experiment

  • 1 branch of a tree

The experiment is carried out on a sunny day

  1. Place the branch near your feet and fabric so that even the same size of your shadow.
  2. Count how many times does the branch from the tree to its shadow.

What is the height of the tree?

The explanation
If, for example, the branch should be ten times in the shadow of the tree, then
the tree is ten times bigger than you.
Tree height get your size by multiplying the number of times
that the branch should be in the shade.
The sun sends its rays with the same inclination to a place and time
While an object is larger, the longer your shadow. The height of
an object and the length of its shadow are proportional.

The application
Thales also used the sun to measure the height
of the pyramid. He planted a stick in the sand and hoped that
shadow stick and the stick have the same size.
Then he told the Egyptians that measured in the shade
of the pyramid, which at that time had the same
size of the pyramid. The result was 137 meters.
Many times we can not directly measure
heights. We have to use some tactics as
the ratio between the height of a tree and the length
of its shadow.