Snow Experiments For Kids

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Snow Experiments For Kids 1: Instant Snow Formation

This is a very attractive home experiment, and the difficulty might be inthe collection of sodium polyacrylate. While wondering in the bigpharmacies are surely, as the saying goes: “He who seeks, finds.”

Materials to make a “snow”:

1) sodium polyacrylate, is available at pharmacies (a thing to ask in different pharmacies)

2) Exit

3) Water

4) Container

Theoretical basis

Sodium polyacrylate is a white substance, similar to baking soda. It has no characteristic odor is colorless addition, this substance can absorb in a few seconds to 20 times its weight of water and transformed into aflaky white substance very similar to the snow. Sodium polyacrylate is not poisonous

Snow Experiments For Kids Procedure

1) In a bowl put the sodium polyacrylate and then add salt,

2) Add water and leave for a few seconds, the reaction is clearlyobserved

3) a reverse reaction to this would add salt to the “snow” and observedthat gradually returns to the initial conditions

Snow Experiments For Kids 2 Experiments in the snow

In several parts of the world temperatures are to drop a lot, so it is even impossible to come to work.

At times like you enjoy going out to play in the snow or make one other experiment like this. Drop hot water in the air and see what happens instantly.

Snow Experiments For Kids What happened:

At this low temperature water instantly turned to snow before hitting theground.