Simple Sound Experiments For Kids

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Simple Sound Experiments For Kids – A drum for 

The sound of wind, noise of movement, words, music:
Sound all around us constantly. They are invisible, but listen well.

Materials needed for this simple sound experiment for kids

  • 1 bottle
  • 1 piece of thin plastic bag
  • (Grocery bag)
  • 1 elastic (link)
  • A little powdered sugar

Simple Sound Experience 

  1. Cover the jar with the plastic, keeping with the league (elastic).
  2. Tighten the plastic and place it over the grains of sugar.
  3. Put your hand in front of the mouth to blow on the sugar and loud shouts in the direction of the bottle.

What do you see?

Simple Sound Experiments For Kids Explanation 
When you scream, jump sugar grains.
The sound is a vibration of air
vibrates the plastic. The movement
sugar grain allows us to see
sound effects.

Simple Sound Experiments For Kids Application 
At the bottom of the ear is the eardrum, a thin membrane that moves with the
air vibrations stimulating the auditory nerve. Listen, is to decode the vibrations
In the seventeenth century, thanks to the manufacture of the first vacuum bells, Robert Boyle
(1627-1691) verified the transmission of sound vibrations, placing his watch in
vacuum bell, was able to confirm the decline in family ticking as it became
the vacuum in the bell. Without air, the sound could not vibrate or to vibrate.