Pendulum Experiments For Kids

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Pendulum experiments for kids 1: Magical double pendulum

 Have you ever wondered how magicians make things move without touching them?

With the magic has to do mostly nothing. Often stuck behind very simple tricks

and laws of nature. As with our experiment with the magic double pendulum.

So you can really feel left!

You need:

  • two plastic bottles
  • some water
  • two chairs
  • a couple of heavy books
  • a thick, long thread

Fill the plastic bottle with water to a quarter. Where the two chairs with the backs to each other at about 1.50 meters in distance. The thick books you lay on the seats, the chairs are so heavy and not tip over. Then cuts off two pieces about 15 inches long from a thick thread and attached to each of the necks of the two water bottles. Then you take the rest of the thick filament, the should be about two feet long, and binds him to the chair backs, so it is stretched between two stools. The two water bottles attached to her with the short filaments at the long thread, so that they hang vertically to the ground.
Now you can put both bottles in motion, even though it only touched one of them! Bring one of the two bottles to commute and tadaaaah! – Second, the commute begins shortly thereafter as if by magic, too.

What’s behind it?

To set things in motion, you need energy: If you anstoßt the pendulum, leading to her energy, and that can be transferred. The double pendulum works on kinetic energy, which is also called kinetic energy. Because both bottles hanging on a thread, the energy that feeds her one bottle is about the thread back and forth, where they are also bringing a second bottle to vibrate. The bottles commute until all the energy supplied is consumed. Ah!
Incidentally, the experiment also works with several bottles. Give it a try!



Pendulum experiments for kids 2: The chaos oscillator

This experiment was inspired by the double pendulum, which has described

Richard Zierl in his experiments for children learning package. Under a pendulum

still hangs a small pendulum. It caused chaotic oscillations. It is not just about two

gehoppelte pendulum, but it also occur non-linear effects. A pendulum is in fact only

for small deflections in the first approximation a linear system. It caused chaotic


The smallest change in initial conditions leads to a completely different course.



Pendulum experiments for kids 3: Ball game with base

One comes with one of the two outer balls, the other to remain calm in the middle balls, while the outer swing. This is the great variation of our physical gimmick, with the conservation of momentum is demonstrated. Experiment with the children: Let’s stimulate only one ball from the outside or take two at a time. You can put balls in time to start something and see what happens. Hold a piece of thin cardboard between the soft balls – where does the energy of the pulse?

This game is also said Newton’s Cradle, spherical pendulum, pendulum Newton or Newton-called cradle. It goes back to a French physicist.