Mixture And Solution Experiments For Kids

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Mixture And Solution Experiments For Kids: Ice water and salt-ice water

The children determine the temperature of ice water. You learn in an experiment that ice water to cool further with salt (cold mix).
Material for this mixture and solution experiment:

  • Ice cubes
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Containers (jars, cans)
  • Thermometer

Task 1 

How can you cool ice cream without a freezer on?

To find out, the kids compete in a first step, the temperature of ice and ice water.
Solution 1

The children will find out quickly that ice and ice water (ie water, swim in the ice), a temperature of 0 ° C.

The temperature scale in ° C was aligned with the freezing and boiling point of water. The temperature at the freezing point of 0 ° C wude set, the boiling point (at 1013.25 hPa) at 100 ° C.
If the water supplied by the ambient heat (due to warmer ambient air), so the heat is consumed by the melting of the ice. In the transition from solid to liquid state (heat) energy consumed.
The temperature in the ice water will therefore always be 0 ° C.
The Task 2 

The children fill previously crushed ice (crushed ice) in the ratio 3 to 1 with salt, then add a little water.
The mixture is stirred and the temperature measured with a thermometer.

Whoever scores the lowest temperature?
Solution 2

The children can observe that the salt dissolves in water and melts the ice.
This decreases the temperature of the mixture decreases sharply. A maximum of about -21.3 ° C can be achieved!This leaves the salt water liquid, even though it is colder than 0 ° C.

In the picture left a temperature of -12 ° C was reached. As the vessel made of metal, the heat (too) would derive good, it was placed in a second vessel and insulated with bubble wrap on the outside.

Mixture And Solution Experiments For Kids Addition: The children could mix with the cold ice packs on one style.

Mixture And Solution Experiments For Kids Simpler explanation: 
The salt brings the ice to melt. So that water can be liquid, but energy is needed. This is extracted from the surrounding liquid water, which makes this cool.

Mixture And Solution Experiments For Kids More detail: 
The enthalpy of solution of NaCl is almost zero, which means that the water is not by the addition of salt cools.
Salt is added to household water ice, then some salt dissolved in the water surrounding the ice. Since ice and water are in equilibrium, then melt some ice. Since the melting process is endothermic, the water is removed from this energy, it cools down.
With water and salt can reach as -21.3 ° C.

Previously been made with such blends ice cold.