Lungs Experiments For Kids

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Lungs Experiments For Kids – simple experiments, such as the lungs work
According to experiments and experiments easy homemade, here a very curious about the functioning of the lung. This experiment like newtondisc is very useful for science fair

Goal: and lungs work

For this lungs experiment for kids you needed:
* A plastic bottle
* A stopper
* A Y-tube
* Two rubber balloons
* A piece of rubber and string


1. adjust the neck of the bottle cap and pierce the tube Y. In each set youan arm arm

2. placed in the bottom of the bottle rubber sheet tied around it and crossed by a string

3. balloons represent the lungs, trachea tube, the bottom container without the rib cage and diaphragm sheet
Why does this happen?

the balloons expand, because the air pressure that is inside the bottle is less than the pressure of air entering the tube.

otherwise, balloons contract because the air pressure exerted on theinside of the bottle is greater than atmospheric pressure. The air takes up less space.

Lungs Experiments For Kids Operating

1. lowering the diaphragm reduces the pressure inside the chest cavity, the air enters the lungs. The balloons are dilated.

2. raising the diaphragm is reversed air flow, this leaves the lungs.Balloons contract.

3. try to move the diaphragm while the clamp is closed.