Liquid Soap Experiments For Kids

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Homemade Liquid Soap
We had already seen chemical experiments such as Antibacterial Soap Home and Home, today we will see how to make a Homemade Liquid Soap easily. In future articles we will see more of these home experiments

Now is not very normal household soap is made, but until recently, our grandparents, had the “recipe” for making your own homemade soap.

MATERIALS For Homemade Liquid Soap:

* A container of clay, metal or glass
* A wooden spoon
* 3 liters of water
* 3 liters of oil (used frying)
* 500 grams of caustic soda


Cast into the container, caustic soda and add the water carefully, as the caustic soda can burn skin, so try not to touch it.

Now is the time to gradually add the oil slowly, while the wooden spoon to let the mixture moving. This process should extend it for a while, about an hour, until we have a thick paste-white.

Now let it sit for a couple of days and ready and have our homemade soap.

If you want the soap is an aromatic, you prune to throw essential oils of lemon, strawberry or whatever you prefer. If you want the soap out whiter You can add a whitening product, such as a splash of indigo.