Ice Cream Experiments For Kids

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Ice Cream Experiments For Kids – Make ice cream
Мaterials needed for ice cream:

  • Two zippered plastic bags (zip) one large and one small.
  • Juice or milk sugar (what you want ice cream)
  • Ice, water and salt
  • Take the juice pouch or similar.

Take the big bag of ice with water and salt.

Put the small bag inside the large closed and … give up!

After a while the juice is frozen … and call it ice cream.

The grace of the experiment is a mixture of water and ice would not lower than 0 ° C instead to mix water, ice and salt falls below 0 º C and ice cream form and in five or ten minutes.

I put a video so you can see more clearly the procedure (in English, but it looks good it does). The video then continues to take steps so that you can see the temperature drop. If you have a little longer, See him completely.

Well, why does this happen?

The idea is that the icing needs to be water molecules slowing their movement and go “meeting.” The dissolved substance hinders this process. When we have ice and water together, is part of the ice is melting and some of the water is freezing constantly. Which one is more efficient processes make it freeze the entire mixture or cover. The substance dissolved again hinders freezing. Thus we need a lower temperature to occur.