Hydrogen Peroxide Experiments For Kids

  • SumoMe

Decomposing hydrogen peroxide
This little experiment at home is very quick and easy to perform, and the simple materials available.


1) Hydrogen peroxide

2) A few milliliters of blood, the blood You can obtain a piece of meat defrosting on a plate, or the chicken in the markets, and so on.


1) added to a glass of blood with hydrogen peroxide and see that a chemical reaction occurs with evolution of gases that form a white foam.

2) Hydrogen peroxide is decomposed by the blood, water and oxygen gas (which is the white foam). We recognize the oxygen if a match approach. The flashes are produced by the combustion of oxygen trapped in the white foam.


Hydrogen peroxide is used as a disinfectant when dropped on a wound. Blood contains an enzyme that acts as a catalyst, accelerating the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide. Like many pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic (can not live with oxygen), die in the oxygen-rich white foam that occurs when blood from the wound acts on hydrogen peroxide.