Hail Experiments For Kids

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Hail Experiments For Kids First- The race of the hail

A hail is a small ice.
To make ice should bring water to a temperature below 0 ° C. How is that showers of hail fall in summer?

Materials needed to made your hail

  • Water
  • 1 freezer
  • 2 plastic caps from soda bottles
  • 1 Relo

Hail Experience

  1. Fill caps with water and put them in the freezer.
  2. An hour or two later, when the water has turned to ice, remove lid and record the time in minutes that indicates your watch.
  3. With the fold out measures the time it takes the ice to melt completely.
  4. Next, take the second cover and once outside, he runs really fast, counting your steps.
  5. Stand when the ice melted and measured the distance traveled by multiplying the number of steps by 80 cm.

How long was the first ice to melt?

How many meters to go before the second ice to melt completely?

The Hail Experiment explanation
Obviously the two results will depend on the temperature outside. The first ice use, easily over 30 sec. to melt. The second, although it has been placed in a stream of air, can travel 200 to 300 m. without being completely melted.

Hail Experiments For Kids – The Application
Hail is formed at a temperature well below 0 ° C to -30 ° C, –
40 ° C. Between the boundary of the atmosphere, where the average temperature is 0
° C, and the floor is 2 km at most. During the few tens of seconds
that takes its descent, a thick hail not have time to melt
completely, so it reaches the ground as ice. This is one of
the reasons why a shower of hail can fall in summer.


Hail Experiments For Kids Second – A fresh blanket

The low rate at which hail from a cloud, is sufficient to explain why it did not melt beforelandfall, especially if it’s hot?

Materials needed

  • water
  • 1 freezer
  • 2 potecitos (can be film)
  • 1 sheet of absorbent paper


  1. Filled with water and put them both potecitos in the freezer.
  2. An hour or two later when the ice has been formed, bring them out of the freezer.
  3. Wrap one of the two with absorbent paper.

Do both ice melt at the same time?

The explanation
Ice wrapped it takes longer to melt than the other. ice
melts when it receives heat from the outside. The wet sheet of paper
and retains water that falls from the ice.
The spread of ice cold water slowly leads wrapped
the heat outside, the air surrounding the ice discovered

The application
When it falls, the hail melts a bit on its surface which
lets you surround yourself with a film of water, which prevents heat
heating of the atmosphere quickly.
Speed more protection against heat, makes a good hail!