Fish Experiments For Kids

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Fish Experiments For Kids – Choking in the air?

Thanks to their gills, fish breathe oxygen dissolved in water. In the air there is also oxygen.
Why, then, the fish die out of water?

Materials needed

  • 1 old magazine
  • 1 tub of water


  1. Put the magazine in the water, holding it in the middle and shake.
  2. Take it out and shake again.

What do you notice?

The explanation
When the magazine is removed under water leaves
float and spread easily. By sticking it out
between them.
In the bathtub, the leaves are carried by water,
taking different directions from each other. But
are pulled from the water just does not get where
hold; stick because of the overlying water
and weight that bears down.

The application
The gills of fish are made up of very fine filaments which
surface allows exchanges between the oxygen and blood. Fish
choke off the water because the strands stick together when
are not carried by water as the leaves of the magazine in the experiment.
Some rare fish (dipneustos) have, in addition to the gills
a primitive lung that allows them to breathe out of water. They are of a
intermediate between aquatic life and terrestrial life. In Africa for
periods of drought, they are deep into the mud and breathe through
his lungs, waiting for the return of water.

Why do fish have scales?

Why fish are slimy, including scales and serve as a cookget rid of this …

The scales of fish represent a protection against mechanical injury of fish dar. The scales are arranged overlapping one another, similar to roof tiles. The scales of the fish are not rigid, but movable arranged. About the shedis usually a thin mucous membrane that protects the fish against the ingress of bacteria and improves the mobility of the fish under water by reducing the frictional resistance.

Different species of fish have different sizes and varydifferently fixed scales, the shapes. So it is round and ridgescales. If a fish lose scales, they can regrow.

Those who process fresh fish in the kitchen, which remains the “scales” of the fish (this one actually means the”scaler”, so removing the scales) is not spared. Scales are in fact edible, such as bone or bones in mammals as in fish. The shed is best done with a knife from the tailtowards the head of the fish, this one works like the scraping. For larger fish you should do this work outdoors,this saves tiresome cleaning the kitchen.


Why have a sting ray?
Category: children’s questions
One of the fascinating fish of the oceans safely include thecartilaginous fishes, which form a separate class within thevertebrates. Among the best known are the sharks and rays.

They have a skeleton made ​​of cartilage. Rays have a flat, flattened body. Her majestic floating through the water, thewave-like movements of the pectoral fins and a highly recognizable sting overwhelming effect on children in particular. Rays occur in warm seas, but also in freshwaterrivers in South America, Asia and Africa. Rays feed onbottom-dwelling animals such as clams and worms.

What is the purpose of the sting rays?

The sting is only for defense against predators. It consists of limestone and has small barbs that tear open a woundwith a sting. Under the skin of the sting is poisonous, which is released during a sting. Sting to be replaced regularly by new ones, which are then larger. The old sting is simplydropped it.

If a man stung by a stingray, the quick medical help is important. Shortly after the bite can occur several signs(symptoms) for the poison has penetrated, ranging frompain, cramps, nausea and even heart rhythm disturbances.Also, the wound can bleed profusely.