Ecosystem Experiments For Kids

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Ecosystem experiments for kids – Weather for ‘DIY’ Barometer
What is a barometer?

The barometer is a device to measure air pressure. The air pressure inside the devicecompresses a small tin can, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is a pointer attached whichmoves over a scale. High air pressure compresses the can, the pointer is rising and weexpect good weather. At low air pressure, it is vice versa.

The Ecosystem Experiment: Build a barometer

Spread over a jam jar the lower part of a cut balloons. At the edge you need to tie up all the rubber skin tight and firm. With two lumps of soft gum now you glue a straw from the middleof the rubber skin over the edge to the outside. Place this box with a cut-pointers in a shoebox. On the inside you draw a number scale from low to high. When atmospheric pressure increases, so does your barometer pointer.

Ecosystem Experiments For Kids

Plants and animals live in a particular habitat, such as an ocean, a pond or even in a deciduous forest. Such habitat is an ecosystem. This is home to several species of organisms, which are mutually interdependent. In our forest example looks like this: The trees and other plants produce oxygen, regulate the water cycle. When plants die, they are decomposed by bacteria and microbes to fertile soil and new trees, shrubs and other plants can grow. Then there are the small and large animals that belong to this ecosystem of the forest. You eat, digest, and distribute seeds themselves are part of the food chain.Also, the people are part of the ecosystem. They use the forest as a recreation area or because there has been growing wood they need.

Endangered ecosystems, an ecosystem is fragile. Intervention from the outside it at risk.This can happen when people cut down too many trees to build a road in the wrong place in the woods or even if the fields are fertilized too heavily. Even in the sea such a disturbance can occur if too many fish are caught.
People are moving in several ecosystems, they are – in contrast to most animals and plants – not to a particular area, bounded as a forest or an ocean. But ultimately, the man lives in a large living room, because our whole world is a vast ecosystem. In it, all other small and large habitats are included.