Easy Magnet Experiments For Kids

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Easy Magnet Experiments For Kids – to negative!

Engineers designed the building trackless train that floats above a single rail. How do they work?

Materials needed for this easy magnet experiment

  • 1 small horseshoe-shaped magnet
  • 1 sewing needle

Easy Magnet Experience

  1. Imanta rubbing the needle 20 to 30 times in the same direction against one end of the magnet.
  2. Place the needle and proximal slowly, one end of the magnet.
  3. Remove the needle and then acércale the other end of magnet.

What do you notice?

The explanation
In the first case, the needle is attracted by the magnet and
stick to it. In the second case, needle first
is repelled, but then comes back and sticks to the magnet.
The needle became a magnet with a pole
positive and negative magnetic. both poles
attract, while two positive poles, or two
negative poles, they repel.

Easy Magnet Experiments For Kids Application
One of the possibilities of operating a magnetic floating railway is the
following: the rail and the floor of the train are powerful magnets. Two rows of magnets on
the sides of the train, have their positive face to face and rejected, this is what
guiding the train on the track. A line of magnets has a positive side to the
floor of the train, which corresponds to the positive pole of a magnet and is repelled towards the
high. It needs an engine then propel it forward. a train
as it moves without friction on the rails, and requires less energy than a train
Ordinarily, to get around.