Bubbles Experiments For Kids

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Bubbles Experiments For Kids – Cornering the oil bubble

Why do not we throw in the nature of car engine oil?
Is it as dangerous as an oil slick?

Materials needed for Bubbles Experiments For Kids

  • 1 cup
  • 1 mirror
  • water
  • 1 straw (straw)
  • Cooking Oil

Bubbles Experiments For Kids Experience

  1. Fill glass halfway with water.
  2. On the water, pour a thick layer of oil.
  3. Put the straw (straw) to the bottom of the cup and put yourself in the mirror.
  4. Blow through the straw (straw), with small puffs, as if uttered the word “you” always looking in the mirror.

What do the bubbles coming out of straw (straw)?

The explanation
Air bubbles rise quickly in the water, then in
oil become slower.
Some bubbles pass through the layer of oil and air passes into
the atmosphere, others are pushed out to the oil. want
that the oil can prevent the gas from water to the air.
The oil is a liquid more viscous than water, this means
that spans more slowly than water and is separated
more slowly, retaining it through it. Thus the
Air bubbles are retained in the oil

The application
The oil spilled some ships at sea, either by
accident or deliberately, reacts as the oil in the vessel of
bubbles experiment for kids(oil is a kind of oil). Often
after a spill, we can see many sea birds
entangled in the oil can not get out. Animals and plants
live in the water breathe tiny air bubbles, which come from
the atmosphere and are trapped in the water: if there is a layer
oil on the surface, very little air can reach them
-stopped by the viscous liquid, so it runs the risk of
die of suffocation … If you pour motor oil car
nature, the inhabitants of small extensions
water and soil, those at risk of choking.