Balloon Science Experiments For Kids

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Balloon Science Experiments For Kids 1: HOT AIR BALLOON

Tissue paper, cardboard, glue, pencil, scissors, etc. ..
Balloon Science Experiments For Kids As is

1 .- For the construction and assembly of this paper balloon, we will have as a starting point of the template that is their faces drawn on paper or rather a copy of it on cardboard to size. The drawing below shows the template sides being symmetrical only necessary half of it. To make the template can expand to the size you need. The template is a piece of paper.

The paper used must be as thin and light as possible, we recommend using tissue paper.

2 .- half will extend the template on the table, and will stick as many sheets of tissue paper as necessary to cover the size of it.
3 .- You have previously decided how to put colors in a fancy way to get good results.
4 .- The leaves achieved the double over the midline and stacks evenly, placing the union of all lines on the same side, holding them with large or clicking any clip.

Once stacked, place the template over how to guide the cutting of the bands.
5 .- The cutting of paper strips, the shape of the template is probably the trickiest part of assembly, cleaning will depend on the aesthetics of our globe.

The court will do with scissors seeking greater uniformity in it. It’s worth doing some tests on loose papers to get a little practice.

Bands separated leaving two of them cut open the first and last and bent the rest of them.

For bonding the following steps:

6 .- Open the first double sheet and place it on the table without catch air, passing his hand over her concentrate completely on the board.
7 .- Place unopened half-band on the right side of the first, sticking with a fine thread of glue the outer edge of the first two leaves attached.

8 .- Place other half on the opposite side band and the same method as above.
9 .- Glue on left and right as so many bands make up the globe, but the last that will serve to close in the same situation as the first, on both sides getting a “system of accordion.” In the case of a normal six-party balloon would have: the first open at the bottom, two bent to the right and left folded in two, and one open at the top.

10 .- Reviewing intermediate folds, which must be attached to the remains of glue does not have joined, and if disunite carefully before the glue dries.

11 .- Let it dry long enough.

12 .- We finally place the loop wire is in the lower mouth of the balloon, which will bend lashes the same role at the back of the mouth, as explained in the figures. LOOP with a diameter of 15 to 25 cm., Provided the size of the globe, we must unite, using an appropriate adhesive or welding.

13 .- Check that there are open areas in the bond line if repegarlas. This check will easily inflating the balloon with hot air from a hair dryer.

The balloon is ready to fly

Balloon Science Experiments For Kids 2: SINGLE BALLOON 2.5 m
This balloon can be done in about 3 to 4 hours. It stands just by the sun warms the air inside.


  • 16 large black bags for trash
  • Maskin tape 1 roll or several rolls of Scotch tape
  • scissors


Cut all the bags and opens them as shown below
They are glued them together with Scotch tape helps or Maskin, used small pieces of tape to hold the bags on the floor and prevent movement. You must use all the bags. We get the bags 8 sets of 300 cm x 90cm

Dual bags as shown below.
Use tape to mark the bags folded as shown. They should try to follow this way, with the rounded edge so that the balloon has the appropriate form.

Cut with scissors and then forms the tape glued one by one. We must ensure that the tape goes in one side.

8 pieces are completed ..

It reverses the globe as an average, so that the balloon show the tape inside.
The balloon has already been completed. The bquilla may be too large, you have to put a simple skirt.
Once attached to the balloon skirt which is cut and sealed on every tape.
Below is the finished balloon. This simply flies him out in the open and making the sun’s rays heat the air in theinterio of the globe for a few minutes, then note that the balloon begins to rise. You can place a burden on thepart of the globe abjo, depending on its size.