Bacteria Experiments For Kids

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Bacteria experiments for kids: Why do we have to wash our hands before eating, although they do not look dirty? A simple experiment for kids bacteria can be made visible … And how clean your hands are reallyafter washing with soap and water?

How clean are my hands, anyway?

A petri dish with “agar-medium ‘outside with an Edding number and divide into 4 parts, see graph. A little tip: make the inscription at the periphery or in the middle of the plate, so the figures do not cover then the fingerprint. Now fingerprints on the four parts of the plate do:impress always the same finger with the same pressure.

  1. unwashed fingers
  2. with soap and water and air dried
  3. washed with soap and water and disposable paper towel
  4. with soap and water and dry towel or used by several people in his pants

Which finger is the cleanest?


Bacteria experiments for kids 2: Bacteria – Friend or foe?

  • Bacterial growth (growth curve)

    A microbiological test procedure

    A microbiological test procedure

  • Characterization of bacteria (bacterial envelope, metabolism)
  • Effect of antibiotics (sensitivity, resistance)
  • Combination of the modules on request

Bacteria are not only triggers of disease or components of probiotic yogurts – they are alsoimportant objects of research and play a major role in the development of modernbiotechnology.
In our Experiement bacteria are characterized by microscopy or by their properties. In addition, sensitivity and resistance of various bacteria to antibiotics used in medicaltesting.


  • Staining and microscopy of bacteria
  • Experiment with bacteria
  • cultivation methods
  • Photometric measurement
  • sterile work
  • Miniaturized test system for bacterial identification

Desirable prior knowledge

  • Construction of a bacterium, in particular the bacterial envelope
  • Experience with microscopy