Aluminum Foil Experiments For Kids

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Aluminum Foil Experiments For Kids – Imam at will!

The jackets and gloves ski often have aluminum foil into the fabric. What is?

Мaterials needed

  • aluminum foil
  • (large enough to wrap your hand)

Wrap your hands on one of the foil, placing shiny side against your skin.
Count to 30. What do you feel?

Тhe explanation
When the foil wrap your hand, you feel
the heat reaches your skin. Our body emanates rays
Heat constantly: they are infrared.
The aluminum foil as a mirror reflects the rays
issued by the hand, they give the skin
and heated.

Тhe application
The foil of winter clothing to the body reflects the rays
and it emits infrared heats the body.
All living things emanate infrared rays are invisible. there
special lenses, infrared sensitive, allowing all to see at night
which gives off heat.