Air Pollution Experiments For Kids

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Air Pollution Experiments For Kids

You must breathe to stay living. But how clean is the air you breathe? If you inhale dirty air, you’re more likely to develop health problems and become sick. Plants and also animals will need clean air as well. A lot of the things that make our lives much more comfortable like as cars, electricity and heating, create bad toxic gases which make the air dirty. The dilemma of air pollution started with the burning of fossil fuel in homes and factories. Dirty air is called ‘polluted air’.

Environmental Pollution Experiment – Acid Rain
In these days was busy with college exams, so today I put up with Experiments Home

1. Air Pollution Experiments For Kids Objective:

Observe one of the consequences of pollution of the atmosphere.

2. Materials for air pollution test:

> A heat source (small kitchen, lighter, more candles, etc. ..)
> A ball of Metal
> A Metal Tray
> A plastic tray
> Several Pieces of Ice
> Cotton
> Sulfur (sold in any drugstore)
> According to a vertical model

3. Air Pollution Experiments For Kids Theoretical basis

Acid rain is caused by the air emission of sulfur oxide and nitrogenproduced by the burning of fossil fuels, such as the asshole, petroleum and derivatives, caused by motor vehicles, power plants and industries in general. These are transformed in the atmosphere and react with moisture to produce sulfuric acidand nitric acid, so that when it rains, it really is precipitating a dilute solution of oxalic acid.

4. Procedure

> Place the tray on a table containing plastic plants hatchlings

> A 35 cm above the tray to put the wooden stand on it and the tray containing metal lostrozos ice and cotton.

> Place the ball full of water mixed with sulfur on the heat source, so that the steam from the ball passes between the top and bottom trays.

> The device is ready to study the water cycle.

5. operation:

Water mixed with sulfur began to heat up, steam will rise to themetal tray, which represents the cold layers of the atmosphere.Alli moisture condenses on the tray, precipitates as raincontaminated the seed.

They observed that plants change color, wilt and eventuallyperish.