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Designed to impart hands-on knowledge, science experiments for kids explore how different objects in the physical world work, grow and interact. Many science experiments can be performed with common household items that children already possess a basic understanding of, which will allow the experiments to deepen the knowledge of the objects and their function, form and purpose in the world.

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When choosing which experiments to perform, the best science experiments for kids are those that are both educational and peak interest. Selecting experiments that are interesting will help maintain focus and result in a greater retention of knowledge, long after the experiment has been completed.

Water Experiments For Kids

Water experiments provide an understating of how water is crucial to all life on earth and its power in shaping the landscape. Water experiments can be as simple as placing a drop of food coloring into a glass of water to show how the coloring naturally disperses through the water or more complex as with demonstrating erosion by dripping water over a bar of soap until the water wears a hole through the bar.

Chemistry Experiments For Kids

Chemistry is the study of the properties, composition and activity of various substances. A common and entertaining chemistry experiment is the interaction of the baking soda and vinegar that is commonly used to make model volcanoes explode.

Earth Experiments For Kids

Earth sciences make up a large collection of disciplines that involve different aspects of the earth and its inhabitants and elements. An example of a fun and easy earth science experiment is making a fossil cast with a toy animal, modeling clay and plaster.

Biology Experiments For Kids

Biology examines the function of living objects from the smallest single cell organisms to the largest multi-celled creatures. A simple biological experiment is to examine water collected from different sources, such as a faucet and a stream, under a microscope to discover what types of organisms live in various water sources.

Electricity Experiments For Kids

Electric not only provides power for lights, television and computers, there are also small electrical chargers throughout the natural world. A simple and safe electrical experiment is rubbing an inflated balloon against a soft, course object, such as a sweater or rug, to create static electric by releasing the negatively charged ions. The balloon will then stick to vertical surfaces through attraction to the naturally present positively charged ions on the structure.

Plants Experiments For Kids

The study of plant life, also known as botany, examines how plants grow and adapt to various conditions. The classic celery experiment examines how plants assimilate liquids by placing a stalk of celery in a glass of colored water and watching the stalk change color as the celery takes up the colored water.

Engineering Experiments For Kids

Experiments in engineering are designed to show how objects are built to perform a specific purpose and how those objects function in relationship to the natural world. An effective engineering experiment to demonstrate how man-made objects use the forces of nature to their advantage is building a simple paper airplane.

Space Experiments For Kids

Also known as astronomy, science experiments for kids involving objects in space enhance knowledge of how astronomic bodies relate to each other. As examples, simple experiments showing how the sun and stars move in relationship to the earth are done by constructing a sundial with a stick or drawing a chart to track the movement of stars across the night sky.

Food Experiments For Kids

Food experiments demonstrate how foods grow and are used for fuel by the body. A fun food science experiment teaches that bacteria can be beneficial, as used in the fermentation process when making foods like yogurt.

Geography Experiments For Kids

Experiments in geography examine the relationship between the various land areas of the world and the cultures of the people that live in those lands in comparison to the lands and people from other areas.

Metals Experiments For Kids

Experiments with metal objects demonstrate how the properties of metal are both similar and different to other objects, such as paper, plastic and rubber. Demonstrated similarities may be characteristics such as being waterproof and flexible while differences may be strength and durability. An entertaining example of an experiment demonstrating how the properties of metals are unique is magnetizing a paper clip with a magnet and using the magnetized paper clip to attempt to lift other metal objects.

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Physics, biology and chemistry experiments arenot for everyone, the latest show notes in the secondary school. However, experiments can be exciting and interesting. Our experiments for kids to give answers to phenomena in everyday life and are suitable even for elementary school students.

Of primary school age children are scientificexperiments and everyday phenomena to be very open. They like to go into science experiments for kids, the zooand are interested in how things work. Experimentsthey find exciting. Exactly the right time, the foundation for the scientific experiments to createinterest for children. But beware: An adultsupervisor should always be present in experiments!

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